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General Service


Why you must service your car?

Regular servicing helps you to protect your vehicle against costly wear and tear and maintain a good resale value. Most of the components of your car are built to last 100 000kms and more. However, materials such as oil, filters, fluids and other various parts are designed to protect expensive items such as your engine and gearbox from damage. In order to ensure that your vehicle runs with optimum efficiency and minimal wear and tear, it is vital that you service your car regularly. Servicing by qualified technicians will help you to identify potential problems and repair them before they become expensive. CARL AUTO GARAGE services your car according to manufacturer specifications and at affordable prices. CARL AUTO GARAGE services your car according to manufacturer specifications at affordable prices. Our service includes:

Service and Inspection

All car service and repair recommended by the manufacturer, such as oil change service, major service or minor service. We work strictly according to the service intervals for oil, filter and spark plug change recommended by the manufacturer.


Are any engine lights or warning lights showing in your car? Then come to us and we’ll check if it’s something serious.Gearbox and clutch – Do you have to press your clutch further than you used to or do you struggle engaging gears? Then let us check the clutch of your car And your auto transmission.


Not sure if your brake pads are still fine? Come to CARL AUTO GARAGE and we’ll show you how to check the wear of your brake pads (or just let us do it for you free of charge!)


If your car makes a "clunk" when you drive over a bump or when making a turn, it is time to get your suspension tested. Modern vehicles are equipped with intelligent rubber/metal bushes for optimum comfort and road holding. If these are worn, the road holding of your car will deteriorate. Make sure they are replaced by original parts! CARL AUTO GARAGE will give you a quote on original car parts at competitive prices.


if your car bounces excessively, or leans too far to either side when making a turn, then it is time to get your shocks tested. This can be done through multiple ways, with the most popular being a push test or a simple driving test. The push test can be done at home, whereby you push your car down to test if it jumps too high or sinks too low. Come to CARL AUTO GARAGE and we will show you how to test your shocks.


Is your engine losing oil or water? If this is so, then bring your car into our car service center and let us handle the rest.

Cleaned injectors reduce fuel consumption

Maintaining your vehicle in a good condition and your driving style are the main factors influencing your fuel consumption. Let’s look at what will keep your engine running smoothly. Regular air filter and oil changes prevent fine dirt particles getting into the engine.

CARL AUTO GARAGE recommends servicing your vehicle strictly according to manufacturer specifications. Do not try to clean a filter. Blowing out a filter with compressed air or cleaning solutions will damage the microstructure of the filter paper. Subsequently fine sand and dirt particles get into the engine. Dirty fuel and carbon accumulation in your engine results in fuel injector blockage and leaks, causing high fuel consumption and a noticeable decrease in the performance of your vehicle. In the long run carbon accumulation can damage the injectors and possibly the engine itself. Injector cleaning requires removing the injector from the engine and cleaning it on a work bench at a cost of 150ghc to 300ghc.

If too clogged up or damaged, the injectors may have to be replaced which can cost in excess of 200ghc to 1000ghc, or even more if you have a diesel engine. We are happy to announce good news for vehicle owners.

CARL AUTO GARAGE brings you the latest innovation in cleaning vehicle injectors without removing them from the vehicle. We have invested in the latest technology in injector cleaning and are proud to advise that we can now clean your vehicle’s injectors for a fraction of the cost, without even removing them from the vehicle. The injectors of your vehicle play a vital role in improving performance and reducing fuel consumption and it is recommended that injectors are cleaned at least every 100 000km, or if you notice increased consumption, smoking or uneven idling. Make an appointment at CARL AUTO GARAGE branch and for only 100gh (VAT included) we’ll clean your vehicles injectors in an hour or less.

And there’s more good news from CARL AUTO GARAGE if within a 90-day period you don’t notice any improved fuel consumption or performance, we guarantee you a 100% refund. Bring us your original invoice and receipt and we’ll refund you the total amount paid.

At CARL AUTO GARAGE, we appreciate the costs involved in maintaining and repairing a vehicle and we will always try to find the most cost-effective solutions for you. We can source new genuine and high-quality equivalent parts. We will also fit your self-sourced parts if required.

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  • Engine oil level should be regularly checked
  • Tyres have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread depth
  • Ensure that the electrolyte level is correct
  • Never remove the radiator when the engine is
  • Ensure that your vehicle's brake fluid is full